Danish Brotherhood in America's
Lodge #294
Barre, Vermont

There were many Danish immigrants to Barre, Vermont in the early 1900's. Unlike other ethnic groups that worked in the granite industry, most of the Danes were farmers. Thomas Mekkelsen, a good old Danish farmer, who lived on Beckley Hill in Barre, was the first person to be interested in starting a social group so that the Danes could get together, play cards, speak Danish, and help each other when in need.

(The archives of Lodge #294, preserved by traditional and digital means by Old Barn Vermont,LLC , are now a part of the historical collection at the Aldrich Library in Barre, Vermont)

For more information about today's Lodge, phone Stanley Christiansen at 802-223-5424

Below: Original Membership Book of 1912
Listing the Occupations of its Twenty Charter Members